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Its fair to say work and office life can get a little, shall we say 'stressful' at times....
Now imagine going through that busy working day without your regular supply of coffee or tea - a scary thought indeed for most of us eh?. Officeprofiles offers just about every type of coffee and tea that we think you could possibly need to keep you going at that intense working day pace. In fact we offer everything that you might need for your meeting room or works canteen break time including; biscuits, crisps, mineral water, fair trade coffee, filter coffee decaf coffee, herbal tea's, traditional English tea and even snacks such as pot noodles.
We want to keep your workplace going, we want to keep your workforce and visitors happy so why not take a look through our catering supplies category whilst you are shopping.
All of the catering supplies shown here are kept in stock and are available for next working day delivery along with your general everyday office supplies and stationery equipment.
**We have a NO RETURNS policy on all food and drink lines at Officeprofiles (unless damaged) - please contact our team if you are unsure is your product falls into this catagory.



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